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iPads and Apple Pencils – Your Next Event’s Power Couple?

iPads and Apple Pencils,  a  Powerful Combination

We all know how renting ipads can be an effective tool  for audience engagement, event registration and large scale training events.  Now add in renting iPads with Apple pencils and you have a powerful combination that brings collaboration and focused interaction to your next event.

At eTech Rentals,  we provide iPad rentals with Apple Pencils for events with pre-loaded applications and settings that cater to the needs of your event. Sanitized, protected, and maintained, be assured our iPads and Apple Pencils are ready to go for any type of event.

Event Planners Know Why one should rent iPads for Events.

  • Single screen focus for presentations.
  • Surveys and Polls that are instant audience engagers.
  • Close up visuals for detailed data and explanations
  • Small and portable instead of a bulky laptop

But sometimes the iPad alone isn’t the answer for all event needs:

  • Typing large amounts of information (on screen keyboards get tiresome)
  • Working on the same document (Google Docs/Onedrive better setup on PCs not Apple products)
  • Signing Documents
  • Taking Handwritten Notes

When You MUST include Apple Pencils with you next iPad Rental!

At eTech Rentals we have elevated renting iPads for events to a new level by incorporating Apple Pencil Rentals with iPad Rentals.  And at eTech Rentals, we don’t just throw an Apple pencil into the box for you to figure it out…we have done research and testing to match YOUR Needs with the newest Apps out there that take iPad and Apple Pencils and make them a Powerful Event Tool.

So when you use Apple Pencils WITH iPads at your next event you WILL enhance the already Great Reasons to Use iPads – AND resolve the drawbacks that event Planners face when using iPads alone.

Why use iPads and Apple Pencils for events and conferences?

iPads and Apple Pencils are perfect tools to enhance  attendee engagement at events. When hosting a presentation on a large screen for everyone to look at, focus tends to get lost as the viewers are passive participants. However, when you incorporate the use of Apple Pencils with iPads for presentations, audience engagement and focus become optimum:

  • Every attendee has access to their own screen
  • They have an Apple Pencil to use for a convenient and precise interaction
  • Being able to take notes electronically along side presentation

Whether it’s writing, note taking, or presentation interaction, your event attendees will be attentive and focused with this approach. When presentations are in the format of multiple people looking at one screen with no chance for direct input, attendees have a tendency to zone out and lose focus. When you equip each individual with their own screen to look at and an Apple Pencil to actively interact (take notes for personal use or collaborate with presenter during the course of the session)  it captures attendee attention throughout the presentation.

4 ways the iPad and apple pencil combo proves to be the smart choice for active collaboration:

  1. Writing notes
  2. Drawings
  3. Filling out surveys
  4. Real-time polls

Attendees have the power to do more than just basic functions through the touch of a finger alone, with the apple pencil the possibilities are endless of what can be achieved in your event. In addition, this hands-on experience will set you apart from others by leaving a lasting impression.  Also when you provide attendees with something tangible to interact with, it encourages participation and allows for a more memorable experience.

Apple Pencil and iPads Rentals, the Perfect Pair to Optimize User Experience

iPads with powerful functions and capabilities close to that of a standard laptop or computer, are all in a convenient, sleek, portable device. Thanks to its powerful processor, the speed, graphics, and resolution on an iPad are better than most base level laptops and equivalent with some PCs!

When paired with an apple pencil it takes the experience to another level. When renting iPad Pros and Apple Pencils for events, here’s why it optimizes not only the iPads and applications being used, but also the user experience:

When incorporating the apple pencil, it creates a unique experience whether it is taking notes, using artistic functions, or just basic interaction, creating functionality and features that you could not achieve with a finger, or a non-Apple-made stylus including:

  • Tilt to shade
  • Press for pressure
  • Palm rejection

These features are useful for artistic and non-artistic purposes, and combined with the significant reduction of fingerprints, this helps for keeping work done on the iPad clean and organized. Even with the proven power and capabilities of both products, they maintain one of Apple’s signature qualities, being user friendly.

Renting iPads and Apple Pencils vs Renting Laptops

Rather than opting for multiple laptops that can be bulky and more of a hassle, iPads are the streamlined and cost-effective option.  Less expensive than a laptop rental, iPads are certainly smaller, ergonomic, and aesthetic. Renting iPads and Apple Pencils  can be particularly useful for conferences when note taking is required or recommended.


  • Key clicking is loud and distracting
  • Typing out notes is NOT effective to retain information
  • Bulky, large, inconvenient

iPad with Apple Pencil:

  • SIGNIFICANT noise reduction when note taking with an Apple Pencil
  • Writing out notes physically is the BEST way to retain information
  • Sleek, convenient, and smaller – eTech provides iPad case with Apple Pencil holder
  • Specific note taking apps can be used to take notes on the presentation slide (or along side it) making the presentation slides you take home annotated with your notes!

Interact, engage, collaborate

Here at eTech Rentals, we are able to provide you with iPad and Apple Pencil rentals that take your next presentation, event or conference to the next level.

Apps are now available that allow seamless collaboration  allowing the audience able to view on their individual iPads what is being presented, but if desired they are also able to manipulate, interact and edit the presentation real time. Whether one wants to draw, add notes, or even use functions such as making adjustments to slides, your presentation will become more efficient and more inclusive .

Sharing those edits can be done real-time, projecting them on the presentator screen if desired as well as multiple individuals on screen adding, adapting and editing the content ultimately controlled by the presentator.

Why choose eTech?

Renting iPads and Apple Pencils from eTech guarantees the same experience for the attendees since the format and the apps will set up and customized for an individual presentation, registration or audience or breakout groups.

Rather than wasting time with confusion of networks and/or issues with connecting due to user error, have control and pre connect iPads to the correct network for efficiency.

By renting from eTech Rentals, you can ensure that you have the consistency with capabilities and specifications of iPads and Apple Pencils that best suit your events’ needs.

Ready to go without relying on individuals or your it department to setup iPads and Apple Pencils and the respective apps necessary.

With any applications that may be needed for your event, we take care of ensuring the iPad is pre-loaded and tested to provide you the confidence of smooth and flawless function during your event. All you have to do, is press the on button.

Whether you want your event or conference to be more memorable, to create an environment that is fun and inclusive, or boost your engagement and reach, the combination of the Apple Pencil and iPad is an excellent choice to incorporate in your next event. Cost-effective, convenient, and powerful,renting iPads and Apple Pencils are a smart choice for any event regardless if your event is larger or smaller in scale, eTech has a solution for you.   Our eTechnicians have decades of technology experience and expertise, so eTech can provide a solution that fits your specific needs.

Fill out a eQuote today or call 1-866 or email to find out how we can help make iPads and Apple pencils part of your next event!