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How to make Today’s Technology Work for Your Events!

We’ve all been to that meeting or live event when the technology failed. When the speaker or host says, “Hold on, I can’t get the computer to work,” or “it was working earlier”. It’s frustrating for everybody – event managers and attendees alike.  But really, it’s more than frustrating, it’s time consuming and a poor reflection on all those involved.

Technology gone wrong can reflect poorly on your brand and even ruin an entire event.

That’s why here at eTech Rentals, we use our deep understanding of today’s technology and the rental industry, to not only create a better rental experience, but to also help you tap into the technology in ways that are innovative and focused for a more effective outcome.

No More Failed Technology with eTech Experts On Hand

Let’s start with the basics. At eTech Rentals we make sure the technology you rent from us is working, set up to your specifications AND you know how to operate it. One of the big advantages of using a local technology rental company like us, is that we are your tech support. That means you are never stuck scrambling to find someone who can figure out what’s wrong. If there is ever an issue with your rental technology, we are here to repair or replace and troubleshoot any issues.

We also make sure that you have every opportunity to draw upon our expert advice so that your staff is properly up-to-speed and versed in any technology they will be required to use resulting in smooth events and effective use of your technology.

Innovative Uses for Technology

Planning and preparing for an event can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting the right technology and determining the best uses of that tech. So when you need to to engage your prospective clients we can advise you on some through innovative uses of technology, helping you to strategize the use of your chosen technology to achieve the greatest impact within your budget and location.

Just as technology is always changing, so are the ways in which you can use it. Here just a few of our innovative ideas for your technology which our team will be happy to set up for you. They are designed increase engagement, improve your conversion rates and branding awareness, and yes, make you look good!

  1. Charging Stations

Everyone needs to charge their devices to connect and stay connected. But don’t stop at just putting up a charging station. Let us help you create a branded technology lounge that gives you the opportunity to connect with more potential customers.  Technology Lounges are no longer a nice-to-have at any event but now are integral parts of your brand messaging and prospect engagement.

  1. Virtual Reality

Try cutting-edge virtual reality to captivate and impact your audience. We will help you set up a full immersion experience with your brand, or 3D infographics with popups. You can also have potential customers try one of your products virtually. This type of experience is shown to deepen emotions and so increase the response rate to your product or brand. You can provide out of this world entertainment, bring gaming into learning, and even change your environment – such as changing your back corner lackluster booth space into a virtual spa that people are sure to want to visit.

  1. 4K Displays

Eye-popping high resolution 4K display always captivate viewers, far beyond what happens with an older style display. Our team will help you create a live streaming display with dynamic advertising and memorable images.  As people walk by your booth or follow your powerpoint on a 4K display – they will remember the presentation with the high definition graphic display.

  1. iPhones

Even though most people already have smart phones, our rental iPhones can be set up so they can be used for instant communication – like Walkie Talkies. This will help your staff efficiency without them having to use their own plan or data.  Other uses of rental phones can be Ticket scanner/Registration Tracking, Audience Response clickers as well as being able to link staff with your preloaded social media pages encouraging posting.

  1. iPads

Apple iPads are great for improved event coordination, staff training, eliminating paper, and providing easy event updates. Once we set up your rental iPads every attendee can be literally on the same page for any presentation. And that makes everyone look good.  Our iPads come fully charged, set up to your specification with the software you need in working order and clean…both inside and out.

What’s the Newest Thing in Your Area?

Another way we can help you look good is to bring our local area expertise to your event. Different locations have different trends and we can help ensure that you are providing that newest great thing that the customers in your area crave. The last thing you want is to have potential customers see you as being behind the times. Our eTechRentals team will make sure that never happens.

We look forward to welcoming you to the eTech Way. Expert. Easy. Extra.

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