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The 5G Dilemma: How Businesses Can Connect Now & When Will 5G Be the Norm?

HTC’s 5G Mobile Smart Hub

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has undoubtedly thrust us all into a more digitized existence. From visiting family and friends through video calls to connecting with work colleagues through virtual meetings and events, we’ve had to learn how to increase our efficiency in the virtual space.

Perhaps these changes have been even more notable for businesses. Since many were forced to quickly move to remote work, they’ve experienced an increased need for reliable, fast, and secure internet. Strangely enough, this need coincides with the burgeoning upgrade of many mobile providers from 4G LTE to the much-touted 5G.

iPhone 12 with built-in 5G capability

While the promise of true nationwide 5G is still on the horizon, we’re just at the cusp of experiencing its potential. Advancements are being made so quickly in this realm that phone companies are also beginning to change their technology — the iPhone 12, released in October 2020, are some of the first mobile devices with the built-in capability to access 5G. Here, we’re outlining when to expect 5G to become the norm — and how businesses can take advantage of it now.

Benefits of 5G

What exactly is 5G? It’s the latest mobile broadband connection that is set to replace 4G LTE sometime in the near future. 5G is hailed as a significant upgrade to 4G LTE. This is because it offers incredible speed, latency, and connection density capabilities. And with more industries relying on high-speed internet than ever before, all of these qualities are of the utmost importance.

Forbes calls 5G the “first ‘G’ for business” and explains that its potential for advancements in video and video simulations, augmented and virtual reality, and all sorts of business-oriented virtual tools make it a clear must-have for industries across the board.

Current State of the Nation’s 5G

AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, and Verizon are pushing 5G “nationwide”

The three major network carriers have already reached “nationwide” status with their 5G connectivity; they each provide it in major cities across the nation. While this is progress, it is unfortunately not as simple as it seems. While it is available in most major cities, the ability to take advantage of it relies on a few important elements.

First, users must have a device that can connect to 5G. Mobile phone companies are just starting to roll out these devices which include the iPhone 12 series and the Samsung Galaxy

S20. Without a device that is capable of picking up 5G, users won’t be able to experience its benefits.

Secondly, 5G technology is still a bit “iffy” at best. Why? Well, there’s a hold-up due to the fact that these providers are having to actively build and rebuild some of the technology and hardware that supports it. To break it down into its simplest terms, mobile providers are usually tapping into both Sub-6 radio frequencies and mmWave radio frequencies. Sub-6 is capable of far travel and obstacle penetration. mmWave offers extremely fast speed but doesn’t penetrate obstacles as readily. This means that the major carriers must evaluate the options already in existence and alter those to create the best environment for 5G support. To put it mildly, this takes time to do in every city and town in the country. And even within those places, it will only be accessible in certain areas.

Verizon, for example, promises that 5G will be available in “60+ cities by the end of the year.” While that is promising, these will encompass mostly major cities, leaving many smaller cities and towns out for the time being.

All of this to say: while the major providers are actively working on it, it may be years before the entire country is operating primarily on 5G.

How to Access It Now

While 5G is unfortunately not available to every person or business at the moment, businesses in need can still take advantage of 5G capabilities with the right tools. eTech Rentals offers a mobile smart hub that allows users to experience 5G connection and its accompanying speed, security, and capability density.

For up to 20 users, the mobile hotspot creates an encrypted network that provides all of the benefits that 5G offers, which is ideal for both virtual and in-person meetings and events.

We know that the need for fast, reliable internet connection is more pressing than ever before, especially for businesses. And the fact that 5G is currently in the works is promising. In the meantime, if you lack this capability, take advantage of the option of renting 5G. You may increase productivity, smooth workflow, or run a seamless event because of its undeniable benefits.

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