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Insider View – eSports Tournaments

Looking for equipment for your next esports tournament?   eTech Rentals has gaming technology  for rent?  Your next gaming event needs to have the BEST equipment, but should you rent or buy the equipment?  And what equipment do you need when renting gaming computers?


Here at eTech, we provide the 24/7 Service and the best equipment available.  With every gaming computer rental we go through these 4 steps we take to bring your Gaming Rental to the next level:

  1. Our eTechnicians that know how to set up an esport tournament discuss the event to discern what equipment will best fit their needs, while keeping their vision (and their budget!) in mind.

Pro Tip:
We recommend the fastest refresh rate monitors available in order to have the most accurate response time, around 1ms.

  1. We take into account what kind of venue they will be hosting the gaming event in. Based on that, we gauge the type of infrastructure needed to make certain our equipment will work to its best capability.

Pro Tip: Large Display Monitors can be strategically set up to best connect the space, the competitors and the spectators.

  1. To ensure things run smooth we will usually do a site visit (if possible) at the venue to foolproof any roadblocks that may come up including WiFi, LAN, power and connectivity.

Pro Tip:  Hi Speed WiFi and Ethernet connectivity is critical for a successful eSports Event.  Don’t just take the Venue’s word for it – we recommend you test your wifi upload and download speeds.

  1. And of course, depending on the needs of the event will have either an onsite tech or be available for on-call assistance/tech support should any questions arise.

Pro Tip: Hire a Tech Rental Company that knows gaming events and esports tournaments that can be on call or on-site depending on the size and complexity of your tournament.


    • COST effective: Renting is cheaper than buying in general, but especially in the technology industry equipment gets dated fast. Rather than investing in equipment that’s just going to get old and outdated within a year, it makes sense to rent the equipment when you need it without worrying about if it’s up to date .. 
    • Let US take care of the hassle of inventory: If you do buy equipment, what comes along with that is having to keep track of it, properly storing it, cleaning it, and not to mention ensuring it’s properly set up and loaded with the correct software and/or programs. On a smaller scale this may be manageable, but for an event or tournament, it can be more work than it’s worth and take away from other things that need to be tended to at the event. Here at eTech, we have a full staff and trained technicians ready to take care of all that hassle for you. 
    • Test BEFORE you invest: Still considering buying your own equipment? Instead of paying a high amount for something you know about only in theory, if you rent it first, you will have hands on interaction and know exactly how it works before you purchase it. 
    • Need ONLY the best – now: If you need the best equipment only for a specific event, rent gaming equipment so you won’t worry about if it’s still the best for the next event. Why purchase something you’re only going to use once or twice before it’s outdated? 


  1. Did you know that most gaming tournaments MUST adhere to very strict regulations? Not only should equipment be consistent, but also the specs as well as settings should be consistent otherwise someone may have an unfair advantage or disadvantage.

When we rent to a gaming tournament, to ensure consistency, we prep the equipment to be across the board with the settings and specs. 

If there are ever special requests for more custom settings or spec list, we ALWAYS test prior to delivering to the client. This way we and our clients have full confidence that whatever the setup may be, that it is functional AND performs as required.


    • Along with regulations, the latest and best equipment will deliver the most OPTIMAL performance. Here are just some of the specs that our equipment has:
    • The MSI GV63 8SE-014 Laptop 

+ Intel i7-8750 processor, for fast, and reliable response and processing. 

+ 32GB of RAM/256GB SSD, for a flawless and smooth experience when running a memory demanding game 

+ NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB, a graphics card to ensure what you’re seeing on your screen is smooth and fully immerses you, choppy and glitchy graphics are a thing of the past with this graphics card 

    • When you rent gaming computers, it’s just as VITAL to have accessories that optimize the performance for the gamer. Some that we offer are:
    • Razer Gaming Accessories – Mice, Keyboards, and more! 

Designed by gamers for gamers – this explains itself, who better to know how gaming equipment should be better than gamers. 

MANY award-winning products – one of the many great things about Razer is their products have consistency with their quality, function, and aesthetic, and the awards they have received reflect just that. 

Considered by many gamers to be industry standard – Razer has built their reputation up to being industry standard for many gamers. The proof is in the pudding, watch any gamer on YouTube, twitch or competing and chances are they will be using at least 1 Razer product in their setup. 

High quality products – Not only visually appealing, but you can feel the quality of the product from the build and performance. 

Aesthetic and functional – Razer is known for having their Chroma technology which lights up their equipment with different color hues and is COMPLETELY customizable so if you prefer to add some flare, you can and then some, or if you want a more streamline simple look, you can do that as well. ALL that without losing the high performance is what makes Razer products stand out. 

    • SteelSeries Headphones – Headset OPTIMIZED for gaming 

Award winning headsets – SteelSeries headsets deliver quality, function, and aesthetics to fully immerse you in what ever you may be playing. With this precision in sound, a gamer can pinpoint EXACTLY where the opponent is coming from. 

Tested and developed with professional gaming teams – Working with some of the BEST and WELL-KNOWN gaming teams on developing and approving products, if the pros like it and approve, then you know you have a great product. 

Reputable and established company in the gaming industry – SteelSeries has been around for almost 2 decades and have achieved many 1sts for products dedicated to gaming including the 1st dedicated gaming headset, and keyboard. 


Our staff of experienced techs have decades worth of knowledge and experience, including working with gaming events and tournaments. 

Each gaming event will have different needs to be catered to, and whatever yours maybe we have a solution for it. Whether it’s a gaming tournament where calibration, consistency, and function are important, or a gaming event where aesthetics are the priority, we can help create a custom solution for you. 

When you choose eTech for your next gaming event or tournament, you can rest assured you will receive quality equipment, service and results. Prepared, cleaned, and ready to go, our equipment is waiting for your next gaming event, just call or email to find out more!

Fill out a eQuote today or call 1-866 or email to find out how we can help make iPads and Apple pencils part of your next event!