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8 Reasons the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the Best for Professional Videos

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Communication via video is arguably more important than ever. And video quality makes a major difference in the effectiveness of communication; an amateur video can be distracting at worst and boring at best. Luckily, it no longer takes a crew of experts in order to produce a professional-looking video these days — you just need the right equipment. Apple’s 2019 iPhone Pro Max is the perfect tool to get you started. Below, we’ve broken down why it’s ideal for filming professional videos.

1. Three different lenses open up the realm of possibilities.

It all starts with the new triple-camera system. The first of its kind in an iPhone, these three lenses work together to create incredible image quality and offer increased versatility for videographers. The phone combines three separate lenses: an ultra-wide (13mm equivalent), wide (26mm equivalent), and telephoto (52mm equivalent). The addition of the ultra-wide camera in particular helps to increase sharpness. And users can choose the camera that they prefer to shoot from — or use any combination of the three.

Essentially, the lenses work together to create ultra-sharp high-definition images. The phone capitalizes on each lens’s individual strengths and then stacks the images on top of each other to create a crisp, high-definition, dynamically lit, single image.

The multiple cameras also allow videographers to seamlessly toggle between them in order to take advantage of their focal range capabilities. The result is a professional-looking interview or documentary-style video.

2. The front-facing camera is greatly improved.
The front-facing camera is also an advantage to the new iPhone, as it now records in 4K ultra high definition. The improvement is significant for users who are looking to record alone without the support of a multi-person team. Now, front camera videos will produce crisper, more well-lit video than those shot with this model’s predecessors.

3. 4k, 1080p, and 720p shooting options increase versatility.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max also offers increased shooting versatility. Users can now choose to record in 4K or 1080p HD video at 24, 30, or 60 frames per second (fps).  There is also an option to record in 720p HD video at 30 fps. The iPhone 11 Max Pro offers slow motion 1080p shooting options at 120 and 240 fps.  The high-speed frame rates allow videographers to capture dynamic action in HD.

4. The updates improve lighting capabilities.

The 11 Pro Max offers portrait lighting with six effects including natural, studio, contour, stage, stage mono, and high-key mono; the phone itself comes loaded with a variety of options. It also computationally recognizes the subjects of videos and adjusts the lighting in order to make it more detailed and natural-looking. And the phone’s exposure tool makes it simple to increase or decrease exposure when recording. Users can simply tap the screen and adjust the brightness icon until reaching the desired levels.

With other features like night mode and the brightest display ever on an iPhone, all of the lighting elements on this device combine to create a user-friendly experience that result in crisp videos.

5. The zoom feature is smoother — and smarter — than ever.

The 11 Pro Max’s zoom range is hard to beat. With the three separate lenses available, videographers can zoom between each of them, vastly increasing the variety of potential shots. The improved zoom options increase both user-friendliness and the aesthetics of the finished product. Users can cut from one camera to another seamlessly for a documentary-style video or utilize the zoom dial for super smooth transitions. In short, instead of one long shot that is shakily zoomed into and out of, the iPhone 11 Pro Max provides smoother options.

As a bonus, the 11 Pro Max also has an “Audio Zoom” feature that changes sound levels to match the video zoom so that the sound is adjusted to present a more natural experience.

6. It boasts cinematic video stabilization (4K, 1080p, and 720p)

The iPhone 11 Max Pro offers a “Cinematic Video Stabilization” feature that helps videographers improve the stability of their videos.  No more unprofessional shakiness – the built-in stabilization technology allows videographers to shoot smooth videos even while hand-holding the device.

7. The battery life is incomparable.

The 11 Pro Max touts a battery life that is five hours longer than previous iPhones. And multiple videographers confirm that this is the case. According to some, the phone can shoot video for about 12 hours. It provides a full day’s worth of time in which to complete the video shoot at hand without having to disrupt the shoot to constantly charge the draining battery. When filming a day’s worth of professional video, this is key.

8. There are increased editing options within the 11 Pro Max itself.

In previous releases, videographers have traditionally needed to download third-party apps in order to have access to plenty of editing options. With the 11 Pro Max, this is no longer the case. There are plenty of editing tools built into the software that can be applied to both videos and photos. These include cropping, rotating, adjusting exposure, highlighting, changing the contrast, and more. All of this is at the ready in the camera roll — no more balancing various apps during post-production.

That said, the raw videos are of course compatible with various shooting and editing apps that some videographers swear by like Filmic Pro. Whether you decide to integrate app usage or edit directly on the phone, it’s nice to have options.

In short, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is great for filming professional videos. It doesn’t require much extra equipment or expertise for users to create a polished product. At a time that lends itself to more communication through screens, this piece of equipment is at the ready.


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