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6 Reasons Technology Rentals Are Here to Stay in 2021

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6 Reasons Technology Rentals Are Here to Stay in 2021

The technology rental industry, like most others, changed rapidly in 2020. Because of this unprecedented year, many more companies than anticipated turned to renting filming technology instead of purchasing expensive, bulky audio and video equipment. Many of them learned from this that using compact, shippable equipment does not mean a sacrifice in quality; in fact, it arguably offers more benefits than drawbacks. We think that utilizing rental film equipment for film, marketing, entertainment, education, and other industries will become the new industry standard throughout 2021. Here’s why.

Accelerated Change

Because COVID-19 hit so fast, companies were forced to adjust with little to no preparation. For most, this meant turning to virtual options for work communications. According to Gallup data from May, seven out of ten employees began to work remotely, which meant that most people were forced to rely on virtual communication methods. Employees attended meetings via online video software. Teachers taught through video conferencing. Just about every industry adjusted to an online version of their traditional inner workings.

What this fast-tracked change brought about was a realization that many employees are capable of working from home successfully—and this is possible because of the technology that allows people to effectively communicate. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many companies were hesitant to transition to remote work. But since the coronavirus left many with no choice, businesses were forced to acclimate. Now that the dust has settled a bit and companies and employees have adjusted, many are choosing to continue to utilize technology and remote working conditions for the foreseeable future. This, in turn, means that they will continue to have a need for video rental equipment for all kinds of business communication purposes.

Most Industries Need Audio Visual Equipment

All types of industries had to transition the ways in which they work. From events and marketing to education and medicine, companies turned to video and sound equipment in order to continue or enhance their day-to-day operations.

Take, for example, the marketing and events industry. Because of the risk in hosting events in person, event planners turned to virtual events. From live-streamed concerts to virtual museum tours, these events required user-friendly, quality filming equipment in order to produce high quality video. Similarly, content creators were forced to work with small teams or by themselves because of COVID-19. Instead of managing complicated, bulky equipment, many turned to rentable and compact technology rentals to fulfill their needs during this time.

The education industry also saw its share of change. Most school districts and universities are currently offering a choice between in-person classes, virtual options, or a combination of both. While schools continue to contend with the coronavirus pandemic, teachers need high quality audio and visual equipment to help create engaging live-streamed lessons or recorded classes.

In short, companies from nearly all industries learned firsthand that renting technology is convenient and manageable. We foresee this trend continuing into the indefinite future.

Ease of Use

Another reason that renting versus buying audio and visual equipment is a trend worth noting for next year is that using a small, compact piece of equipment is much easier than operating a large, complicated device. Since most consumers are familiar with using an iPhone, filming with one is something that novices and experts alike can confidently and comfortably handle.

Also of note is that gathering large production teams for filming is still problematic since it may go against social distancing ordinances. Now, many industries who use video for communication are utilizing small teams or asking individuals to work alone. Many employees who work remotely who need to film themselves for various reasons require high quality, user-friendly technology to do so. Rental technology helps in this instance too, since rental options include both stand-alone high-quality iPhones for filming or an iPhone plus various audio, lighting, and tripod options. 

At a time when many laymen are turning to film and video for all sorts of communication—from recorded seminars to onboarding meetings to classroom lessons—it’s more important than ever that the equipment be user-friendly.


Since most people are still working from home, it’s simply more convenient to rent video technology equipment than to purchase it. Traditional film equipment takes up a lot of space, is expensive, and has a large footprint. Renting equipment, on the other hand, offers a solution to those who are seeking to communicate with teams via online options or are recording seminars, lessons, trainings, events, and more.

In addition, ordering the required technology from one place streamlines the entire process. There’s no need for multiple pick-ups when ordering all of the necessary equipment in one fell swoop. And once users are finished with their video project, event, or film, they can simply return the equipment at their convenience.

Renting a production kit takes the guesswork out of the process for those in industries that are not accustomed to film equipment and jargon. Rather than spending time researching the basic needs, they can order it all from one spot. It does not get more convenient than that.  

Economic Benefits

Renting video equipment is simply much more affordable than investing in owning it. And for most companies, it may make the most financial sense. For example, we trust that most industries will go back to “normal” pre-coronavirus operations as time goes on. This will mean, of course, moving from working entirely remotely to attending in-person meetings, moving back into the classroom, attending in-person onboarding seminars, and presenting live concerts rather than those that are live-streamed or pre-recorded. If this is the case, it doesn’t make sense for companies to invest in expensive equipment to keep for the long term. And with the rate at which technology advances, renting allows users to experience the most up-to-date offerings rather than investing in equipment that will soon be dated.  In short, renting audio and video equipment for now—when it is especially needed—is the soundest option.

Along the same lines, utilizing video technology is more economically feasible as some companies transition from going entirely remote to a more hybrid approach. Take the event industry again, in which live-streaming an event may currently be more affordable than holding an in-person event that would require additional health safety measures and would likely not draw as many participants as it might in different, safer, circumstances. Rental technology is the answer here as well.

And renting film technology has what these different industries need in one kit rather than requiring consumers to purchase many different expensive equipment options. This is especially key for industries that aren’t normally film-based like education and medicine. Practically speaking, it makes more sense.

Quality Isn’t Sacrificed

It is obvious when filmmakers use technology that isn’t up to par. It can be distracting and disengaging. This is, of course, a reason that many choose to invest in expensive equipment that promises high-quality results. Since the coronavirus pandemic caused many companies to rent equipment, they experienced what it is like to work with an iPhone and accompanying audio and visual equipment firsthand. And many found from this that quality is in fact not sacrificed.  

Now that many of these filmmakers and content creators have seen what they’re capable of producing with good quality rental equipment, we think they’ll continue to utilize it in the future. And various companies who need simple equipment for filming seminars, classes, events, and more, will be able to create professional-level quality video with rental equipment.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed so much—and fast. And while we hope that many things return to “normal” in time, we think that some changes—like remote work and increased communication through video and technology is here to stay. With high-quality, affordable, and convenient equipment, in all likelihood, it is.

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