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5 Technologies Every Production Office Needs to Know About

Just as “The Force” is the driving factor behind any good Jedi, the production office is the force behind every great film. From pre-to post-production, it’s essential that every office is armed with cutting-edge technologies for productivity, mobility, speed, and flexibility. With that in mind, here are 5 technologies every production office needs.

  1. iPads with Final Draft

Final Draft is that popular software used for writing and developing stories, properly formatting scripts, tracking revisions, production and collaboration. Many, if not most, productions use Final Draft in some capacity.

We most often think of Final Draft as software for desktop or laptop computers. However Final Draft is also easy to use on iPads which is perfect on set, location, or on the go, making this ideal for production companies. iPad Final Draft Writer offers flexibility and mobility when writing, reviewing, sharing, or editing a script all of which saves time, and therefore money. Plus it’s easy to move projects across platforms via Dropbox or even email, and migration across platforms will not affect format or layout so you can be sure of a consistent and perfectly paginated file every time from your iPad to computer and back again.

  1. Fujitsu Production Scanner

The Fujitsu Scanner is a Production Accountant’s best friend. Imagine lightening-fast scanning at 300 dpi whether you’re scanning in color, grayscale, or black and white. Choose from an array of capabilities depending on your needs with included software to give you complete control of your workflow.

Those in charge of Point of Sale or invoices can efficiently process 50 to 100 vendors. And Fujitsu Production Scanners accept a wide variety of document sizes and paper types for flawless efficiency.

  1. PLUG Mobile Power

Most of us take a ready power supply for granted in the production environment. But just as our mobile phones with dwindling batteries catch us off guard now and then, we may find ourselves short on power in the middle of production, stranded, without a way to plug in and recharge.

Mobile power allows for flexibility, so you can stay charged when shooting on location, on-set when cords present a safety hazard or wherever outlets are scarce. The PLUG Portable Power Bank offers the power and reliability of a generator without the bulk. It’s so portable, you’ll want to take it everywhere, just in case. The PLUG features 1 Charging Port, 2 International AC Outlets, 2 Fast Charge USB Ports, and 1 USB Type-C Port. The PLUG is CE and FCC Listed so you can depend on its safety in a work environment. (Please note, the PLUG Portable Power Bank has not been approved for air travel.)

  1. Mobile Broad Band Router

With super-sensitive, super-fast mobile routers you can take your production on the road (or to the local coffee shop where you know your creative juices flow more freely.) The SPOT Mobile Broad Band Router supports up to 200 WiFi devices so you can upload and transfer data right alongside your team while you sip coffee by the ocean or take in the view from the top of the Sunset Tower Bar. The SPOT is ready for any production adventure and all you need is a power source (see #3 above!) with support for all the major carriers worldwide.

You’ll have piece of mind knowing SPOT is monitored all day, every day, in addition to AES-256 database encryption. And when you leave that coffee shop and head over to the shoot, SPOT can handle the connectivity for the entire cast and crew with a customizable landing page, 3 4G LTE modems, and 2 WiFi and Ethernet ports. In addition you’ll have 64 GB of storage for easy access to shared files. Let’s get this show on the road!

  1.  Charging Stations for Your Production Staff

It’s easy to underestimate the value of a high-functioning, relaxing, and inviting staff break room but consider it essential in a production office where employees are constantly under pressure, working grueling hours. When done properly your production employee breakroom is much more than a perk; it becomes a space where staff can lounge, meet, nourish themselves, recharge their devices, chat (in actual person), share creative ideas, and destress. But don’t think of a breakroom as just a morale booster – it’s an effective business tool that can contribute to greater productivity and enhanced creativity.

A well-optimized breakroom goes well beyond comfort, coffee, and snacks. It also provides technology support including efficient methods to recharge devices. Charging stations in break rooms have multiple advantages. Beyond staff convenience, charging stations also promote a short break from devices while phones and pads are charging. In addition, a charging station that is set up for branding and information display gives the production company a chance to communicate and display up-to-date information whenever needed.

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