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5 Questions to Ask A Technology Rental Company – when your Project is given the Greenlight  

When Your Project is Given the Greenlight…..

5 Questions to Ask A Technology Rental Company   

The Entertainment Industry is one of those industries where time really is money. And whether you’re setting up a production office, for production staffing, production accountant’s office or a writers’ room, you often have to make fast decisions while sticking to a strict budget.

These five questions help you be ready to get started the moment your project is given the greenlight.

  1. Will set up be included with delivery charges?

When time is of the essence the last thing you need is to end up with a room full of equipment that needs setting up so double check that this is part of the service that is provided in the quote.

  1. Can the rental equipment be hooked up to existing equipment?

Some technology rental companies hesitate to integrate their rental equipment into an existing network (often do to the inexperience of the rental company staff).   eTech Rentals has the expertise necessary to integrate all existing technology with the rental equipment – ensuring maximum efficiency and a seamless transition. Ask specifically if that is part of the technology rental company’s responsibility and is included in the price.

  1. How much toner is included with printers?

When you’re in the entertainment industry, your needs often include the ability to do fast, high-volume printing. Make sure to ask the prospective technology rental company about how much color and b&w toner is included in the rental fee. Also find out if you can buy additional toner from the rental company and how quickly they can get it to you because this could ultimately save you a lot of time.

  1. Ask if you can install your own software.

When you’re setting up a writers’ room, and renting, for instance, a number of Mac computers, you’ll want to ask if you can install your own software or whether your contract bound to only use what comes with the equipment. Most technology rental companies do allow you to install your own software but double check to be sure.

  1. How FAST is FAST?

Lots of rental companies over promise and under deliver especially when it comes to timing.  When eTech Rentals steps up and promises 24 hour equipment setup we mean 24 hours…not after the weekend or starting the next business day.  You won’t always need that speed but when you do, it’s critical that your technology rental company delivers on what they promise.  Ask when the clock starts counting down and what will happen if you don’t get that service you were promised.

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