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4 Things You Can Do With a VR Oculus Quest Go

As you are building out your marketing and event strategy for the remainder of the year, something that you should absolutely consider is including VR headsets in those plans. 

While virtual reality may still seem novel to many people, the reality of the matter is that it is a rapidly growing industry and is starting to become a very common – or even expected – aspect of companies’ marketing plans . In fact, the economic impact of virtual and augmented reality was predicted to reach $29.5 billion in 2021, with that number only expected to continue going up in the coming years. 

Business woman viewing a construction site using a VR set

Image: https://www.newman.uk.com/ VR is changing the property sector

Now that we’ve established the huge growth VR and VR headsets are having, the natural next questions are which headsets are the best, and how do you utilize them as a part of your marketing strategy. 

While “best” is always subjective, we highly recommend the Oculus Quest Go. It is a user-friendly, powerful option, and can be rented from eTech for your event needs. This prevents you from having to use a significant amount of your budget to actually purchase the headsets. 

As for the second question – ‘How can headsets be used as a part of a marketing and event strategy?’ – we will review, in this post, four creative ways you and your team can use VR headsets to make your marketing come to life. 

GOLIATH (VR) – Documentary revealed at SXSW Spring 2022

1. Immersive Product Demo 

Especially at professional events, people can get overwhelmed by companies constantly trying to sell them on their products. Put yourself in their shoes, how many emails and cold calls do you get a day from sales people trying to get some time on your calendar to show you a demo of their product? Probably quite a few. Now, imagine those sales people were right in front of your face asking you to give them a few minutes instead of having email or voicemail to filter the requests. Overwhelming right? This is how many attendees of events feel. 

With this in mind, finding ways to make your product demonstrations more entertaining, or at least different from others, can go a long way with gaining attendees attention. By presenting your demo with VR headsets, you transport attendees away from the overstimulating nature of events, and allow them to be fully immersed in your product. Not only will this help them better grasp what you offer, they will also be thankful for the escape. 

Woman using a VR headset from the company TRIPP

Transported | Stunning virtual reality tours for Real Estate

2. Real Estate Tours

How many times have you had a vision for something and just wished that you could make it come to life to show it to someone else? With VR headsets, you can. For those in real estate, real estate development, manufacturing, and other similar industries, VR headsets can be a powerful tool to show potential clients and investors what your vision will look like in real (virtual) life. 

Architect drawings and pictures may accomplish this to a certain point, but in competitive markets where people are being pitched all day long, standing out from the competition is important. Is it more powerful to look at drawings of a new restaurant, or to walk around the restaurant in virtual reality?  

TRIPP | VR Meditation Videos

3. Provide an Escape

As we’ve already mentioned, in-person events can be quite overstimulating for some people, and VR headsets can be used as a way to provide a break. But that break you provide doesn’t have to be focused on your product or what you are selling. Take it a step further and provide a virtual timeout for people to get their mind off things. 

This can be done in multiple ways. You could hold a competition where attendees participate in a VR game and whoever gets the highest score wins a prize. You could also provide attendees with a VR guided meditation class for true relaxation. 

As a marketer, it’s important to realize that not all marketing has to be about getting your product in front of as many eyes as possible. Sometimes people having a positive opinion about your company and brand, can be way more powerful than impressing them with a product. Providing an escape at an event with VR headsets can help you build up that image and might lead to sales down the road. 

VR live concert provideed by melodyVR

Zedd | LA STATE HISTORICAL PARK | VR provided by melodyVR

4. Reach a Broader Audience 

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to get creative in the way they reach consumers. With no face-to-face interactions for such a long period of time, marketers were forced to figure out ways to reach people. One of those ways is providing VR experiences. 

As mentioned, the VR headset market is huge. More and more households now own their own personal headsets, and this should be taken advantage of. Instead of focusing only on those in attendance, cater to a broader audience by providing a virtual reality version of your event. 

For example, a lot of concert venues are now allowing those with access to VR headsets to attend live concerts from the comfort of their homes

Those working in professional event planning should also consider making this an option. By offering a virtual reality access ticket to your event, you are able to reach those who couldn’t make it in person. 


No matter what your use case, it’s clear that VR headsets are here to stay and should be utilized as a part of all businesses’ marketing strategy. Turning to eTech for renting the equipment – whether it’s an Oculus Quest or other headsets we have available for rent – makes the investment very reasonable. Reach out to us today for any question you may have on introducing virtual reality to your marketing.