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5 Reasons Why It Pays to Use a Local Technology Rental Company

Today’s technology allows us to make purchases from anywhere in the world. We can have “friends” from many nations, and we can to find any type of information in an instant. We have truly entered the global age.

However, just as it doesn’t make the best sense to have all of your friends in a different time zone because that makes it impossible to go out for coffee or a meal, there are also certain types of goods and services where it makes better sense to use a local company.

And when it comes to renting technology, local is the way to go. We are going to share with you why it doesn’t make the best sense to rent your technology equipment from some far distant company.

Why You Should Use Your Local Technology Rental Company

1. Renting Technology Equipment Locally is More Cost Effective

When you rent locally, not only are the transport costs lower, you also save the (sometimes hidden) expense of flying someone in who has the job expertise required. Renting locally allows you to make full use of the technology company’s experts on hand so that you can maximize not only the use of that technology, but also the impact on your potential customers or event attendees.

2. Quicker Turnaround Time

When you use a local technology company certainly there is a shorter transport time for delivery and initial setup. Additionally, when something needs to be repaired or replaced, or you’re in need of more equipment, the tech rental company can be more responsive to your needs. And this is huge when you are on a deadline, have customers waiting, or are expecting to get the very most from your equipment, which is an expectation you should have.

3. More Support

Along with being more cost effective and providing quicker turnaround time, local tech rentals gives you access to more on-hand resources. The bottom line with technology equipment is that it is only as effective as the people running it. And this means that having that expert local support from your rental company can make the difference between simply having equipment and elevating how your use your equipment, so that it becomes that cutting-edge experience for those using it, or experiencing it.

4. Local Partners

Different locations have different trends and people with different needs. When you utilize your local technology rental company then you are working with people who are accustomed to working with local partners. That means that if you need your rental company to purchase or find more or different tech tools, they know the local terrain. The key to your technology success, however you are using the equipment, is to be able to do what works for you, your area, your people, and your potential clients. That’s one of the primary reasons to use a local technology rental company.

5. Better Understanding of Regional Clientele

Most event coordinators rent technology equipment not only to do specific tasks, but more importantly to help them capture the attention of their potential clientele. And what clients prefer can vary by region. So, just as you want your tech rental company to have access to local partners, you will also want to be able to draw upon their knowledge of regional preferences in equipment. For example, here at eTechRentals we have found that:

  • Clients in Burbank, Hollywood, and the Westside, often prefer mid to high range computers and Mac Pros for rendering or special effects.

  • IT managers and those in downtown LA (and Hollywood) are often looking for short term solutions such as ipads and charging stations.

  • Hollywood production coordinators require specialized equipment such as high-use scanners and micr toner printers, to quickly begin hiring and paying writers and staff. Hollywood entertainment rentals is one of our specialties.

Situated in Van Nuys, California, we are available for all your greater Los Angeles technology rental needs.

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