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5G Wi-Fi & Hotspots that Support Your Events & Teams

5G WiFi Hotspot Features

Connect as many as 30 devices or more to improve your WiFi speed, whether you’re a business office that needs a temporary WiFi solution, or an event that requires safe, secure, and fast internet for POS and check-ins.

5G Hotspot Rentals

Connect up to 32 devices. 13 hours of battery life on a single charge. 5G Unlimited data included.
5G & 4G LTe compatible

Connects up to 60 devices, Wi-Fi 6 technology with 4 x 4 MIMO. 2 Ethernet ports.
5G NR, 4G LTE compatible

Connect up to 30 devices. High-capacity 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery. Quick Charge. Up to 24 hrs of usage time. 60 GB data included per week.
5G & 4G LTe compatible

Connect up to 100 Users. Bonding up to (4) USB LTE hotspots on different carriers.(3) ethernet broadband connections
can join available WiFi networks
into (1) hardline. Includes up to 50 GB of data.

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At Computer Rentals, we realize that time is of the essence when it comes to important projects. That’s why we offer incredibly fast delivery — your project won’t stall because you’re waiting on technology. Specifically, we provide:

  • One-hour response time for estimates
  • Same-day delivery for customers in the Los Angeles area
  • Next-day delivery for locations throughout California
  • Expedited delivery throughout the United States
  • Unparalleled technical support that’s backed by years of experience
  • Customizable tech solutions that are available for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals

The Business Advantages of a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Incredibly faster internet speeds than current technology
  • Quicker uploads and downloads, with no buffering
  • More options to use remarkable 5G-enabled technology

Like all new technology, 5G is not yet available everywhere and the big wireless companies are all approaching this new tech differently. AT&T initially launched 5G in 12 cities in December of 2018; Verizon started with fixed 5G home Internet service in a handful of cities; T-Mobile is planning on full national 5G coverage by 2020. Sprint launched its first four 5G coverage areas in May and June of 2019.