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iMac Rental Features

Each iMac comes with the latest Mac OS, as well as any software or applications you need for your project. With customizable solutions for processing, storage, and memory, our specialists can help you determine the perfect iMac to rent for your needs.

iMac 24″

24 ” retina 4.5k display
Apple M1 chip
8-core CPU
2 TB USB 4 ports
256 GB SSD Storage
CD/ DVDRW drive

iMac 27″

27” retina 5k display
3.2 GHz Core i5 Quad
2 GB Video RAM
CD/ DVDRW drive

iMac Pro

27” retina 5k display
8 Core processor
8 GB Video RAM
CD/ DVDRW drive

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  • Holly S. Avatar
    Holly S.

    E Tech Rentals is amazing. We’ve been fortunate to partner with Milko and his team for years now. Professional, timely and the selection of items to rent is amazing. Festivals- this should be your go to company. Thanks Milko!

    Jodi L. Avatar
    Jodi L.

    I was in a bind, less than one day til an event that I had been planning for 2 years honoring our CEO. We realized that we needed one last item that we hadn’t anticipated. We live in LA, a major market, I figured there has to be at least one place that could help us out. But, I tried a few places with no luck until one actually suggested that I call eTech Rentals. It’s pretty clear that when a company refers their competitor, they must be good. And they were absolutely, unequivocally correct! I called and was met with a solution in mere minutes! -Never have I found a more reliable, easier, supportive and knowledgeable company to work with. I plan to use them for all of my tech needs henceforth.

    carolyn k. Avatar
    carolyn k.

    I cold not have done my work without eTech Rentals. Milko was helpful and responsive. The iPhone was in perfect condition. It was so easy! I hope to work with eTech Rentals again.

  • zack r. Avatar
    zack r.

    I worked with e-tech rentals as apart of my job. Incredibly professional, timely and the staff was amazing! Would recommend to anyone planning any sort of event or in need of any AV equipment long or short term.

    Nicole D. Avatar
    Nicole D.

    I used eTech Rentals for VR Headsets at my son’s Bar Mitzvah on 8-13-22. It was a HUGE hit and I was a cool mom for the 4-hours of the party. The process to order was so easy and the price is awesome! The units arrived a day before my event and returning the units was super easy. I couldn’t recommend this company for any VR event needs, it made the day easy and stress free!

    A C. Avatar
    A C.

    I have used e-Tech multiple times for electronic rentals. I needed an iPad Pro for a portfolio presentation and it was affordable and perfect for what I needed. When our neighborhood announced they were having a block party and needed a PA system I knew who to go to. They provided a pair of sweet monitors, a mixer and wireless mics that all worked flawlessly. I will absolutely be going back to e-Tech in the future

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Renting an iMac from Computer Rentals

Renting from Computer Rentals gives you more than computer rental equipment—we offer technical expertise and guidance and incredibly fast communication and delivery.

  • One hour response time for estimates
  • Same-day delivery for offices and production houses in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas
  • Next-day delivery for locations throughout California
  • Expedited delivery throughout the United States
  • Customized software and applications for short- or long-term rentals
  • Unparalleled technical support that’s backed by decades of experience

Why Rent an iMac

Sometimes, a desktop computer’s large display is just what you need to take your project to the next level. Apple’s iMac offers an incredible display, superb handling, and a processing speed that can take whatever multitasking you throw its way.

Renting an iMac is an ideal solution for just about any project. Whether you’re completing a training event, editing a production, or simply need more computer power in your office, take advantage of the iMac’s innovative features. Plus, Computer Rentals can customize the software and applications you need for your project—allowing you to tackle the job without any hassle.

Our customers rent iMacs for countless tasks and projects, including:

  • Training Events
  • Marketing Events and Conferences
  • Creative Projects
  • Video Editing
  • Everyday Office Functions
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Computer Camps
  • And More