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Wi-Fi Rental for Special Events & Projects

Get Wireless WiFi booster

CRE Rentals can design and configure the WiFi booster to fit the connectivity needs of your upcoming event. Learn more about this customizable WiFi solution today!
WiFi Network Array

CRE Rentals provides a Wireless WiFi booster solution for business or entertainment events. Whether you're planning a product launch, training session, corporate meeting or Entertainment Industry awards show, your attendees will expect exceptional, universal WiFi coverage regardless of the venue.

Only a WiFi booster rental is capable of ensuring the access points, bandwidth and capacity needed for these events. CRE Rentals offers an enterprise wireless solution that will give your guests optimum connectivity. If your attendees need simultaneous WiFi access, our WiFi array is the solution, offering a wired-like user experience for 1,000 attendees per booster.

WiFi Array Provides Reliable Connectivity

Event planners and entertainment professionals know there is no excuse for inadequate or bad WiFi coverage. Event attendees are accustomed to fast and professional wireless connections and will take to social media to criticize an event that doesn't provide just that! Don't take chances and risk poor Internet accessibility. The CRE Rentals WiFi solution provides advantages to corporate event planners and entertainment industry professionals that most venue-provided WiFi just can't match:

  • Connection speeds better than DSL, and for larger groups - with the ultra high density WiFi booster
  • Sufficient bandwidth for large numbers of simultaneous users and devices
  • Seamless roaming capable of providing outdoor WiFi coverage over a massive indoor/outdoor area or facility
  • Multi-level security providing user authentication, policy management and encryption capabilities
  • Cost-effective savings, replacing eight traditional access ports with a single wireless network array solution
  • Energy-saving techniques due to fewer switch ports, access points and cable requirements
  • Faster set-up than multiple access points, with quick on-site installation and swift deployment by experienced technicians

Contact us for the technology and expertise to effectively evaluate your situation and deliver the precise rental solution to guarantee the ideal connection for your guests and for your event type.

Connect Thousands of Attendees Simultaneously, Even in Difficult Event Locations

When you need to wirelessly connect hundreds, or even thousands of individual devices to a central point, our WiFi array rental is a reliable and simple solution. The wireless network array offers an ideal connection for a vast number of event situations, including:

  • Events or gatherings involving hundreds or thousands of participants
  • Business meetings held over a large facility or hotel, where guests need connectivity as they move throughout the area
  • Any event or gathering held at a venue with inefficient or unreliable 3G
  • Any meeting or event where environmental factors may interfere with reliable 3G
  • TV Pilot screenings
  • Product rollout events
  • Training sessions

Don't have unreliable WiFi at your next event or screening! Partner with CRE Rentals to guarantee connectivity with a WiFi booster rental. Let our experienced Account Executives and on-site technicians help you ensure the best possible Internet reception for every guest at your next event. Get a rental quote or call us at 877-266-7725.

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