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Equipment Rentals:
Computer Rentals
HP Compaq & Dell Workstations, Render Farms
Apple Computer Rentals
Rent a Mac Computer
Laptop Rentals
iPad Rental
Stands and Accessories
Audience Response System
Plasma Rentals
Apple Cinema Display Rentals
Available Cinema Display Sizes: 23", 24", 27" and 30"
Rent Aja IO HD, Kona Rental
Kiosk Rentals
Wireless Array
Other Rentals:
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Why Rent?

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Renting helps manage the costs, hassles, and rapid obsolescence of technology.  This is particularly beneficial for short-term equipment needs. 
Why Rent from CRE?

Have you ever found yourself scrambling to get computer and audiovisual equipment for:
  • Five-month feature movie production?
  • One-week off-site software training class?
  • Three-month customer research project?
  • Trade show, convention or special event for a few days?
  • General session/key note address?
  • Render Farm project?

Is this how you or your staff should be spending your workdays? Probably not! This is why you should partner with CRE Rentals. We can help you with "outsourcing" your computer and A/V equipment rental needs.

Whether you need computer or audiovisual equipment for a day, week or month, we offer the most advanced rental equipment (hardware and software), and unparalleled service and support to meet your needs.

Whatever the situation, CRE can provide you the right rental equipment, customized with your operating systems and software specifications, and quality tested to ensure top performance in your environment. Your computer and audiovisual equipment is delivered and installed by our certified technicians ensuring a hassle-free rental experience.

From PC desktop rentals to Mac rentals, LCD monitor rentals to Apple Cinema Display rentals, CRE Rentals can provide you with the equipment you need, when you need it. To learn more about our products or services, email us or call us today at (877) 266-7725.

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