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Rent a Render Farm/Rack/Cluster Computing

Create a render farm with 8-core Mac Pro rental or Xserve rental from CRE. From our Los Angeles office, we offer same day delivery and set-up with 24/7 technical service and support. Request render farm rental quote online.
Render Farm, Render Node Rental
Rackmount/Mobile Rack Features:
• Noise Reduction
• Security
• Mobility
• 6U and 12U

Looking for a render farm but do not want to acquire all the hardware? CRE has all the computer hardware necessary to put together a cluster rendering farm, either PC or Mac based, so that you can finish your animation or creative project in house. We rent all types of computer technology, including network equipment, and can help supplement your visual arts/graphic arts department when you have the need for a temporary increase of computer power. Critical projects and sensitive client deadlines can be met by bringing in an array of networked computers to complete your video frame by frame.

Rendering - PC or Mac Equipment Choices

The beauty of rendering farms is the fact that many computers work on the same problem, a task at a time. And for such applications such as Maya from Alias, your modeling, video game graphics, animation and visual effects can be done in a cross platform environment or on your preferred platform. CRE has experience in creating a render rack using 8-core Mac Pro rentals or Xserve rentals, the backbone of some of the most capable render farms being used today. We can assist you with our "render farm toolbox" which includes the high-performance graphics capabilities of the 12-core Mac Pro rental, an additional 16 gig of RAM and Apple Cinema Display rental.

Expertise Offering Render Farm Solutions

In business for over 30 years, CRE can provide the resources and advice to help you pull together a cluster computing rental. We have helped many of the biggest players in the entertainment industry when they need to rent computers and technology equipment for a short time. Request a rendering farm rental quote online or call your CRE Account Executive now to see how we can put together a cluster computing rack for you.

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