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CRE carries a vast array of CRT monitors for rent including the NEC 21” MultiSync Monitor. For this and other CRT�s, call CRE today.

Do you need today's technology on your desk tomorrow? Simply request a rental quote online, email or call us. Your equipment can be delivered by the next day.

CRT Monitor Rentals

CRE carries a wide variety of traditional CRT monitor rentals for your desktop and workstation computer rentals. The CRT monitor is an excellent value to go along with your rental computers, and the size and bulk of the CRT�s make the monitor more physically stable than their LCD counterparts. This is useful in a high traffic area, such as an exhibit booth, where there could be a risk of equipment being knocked over.

Some creative designers still prefer large CRT flat screen monitors over their LCD cousins because the color can be calibrated to make up for age. As LCD monitors get older, they tend to lose their brightness and the representation on the screen may not match a color laser output. CRT�s also age but can constantly be calibrated to reflect correct Pantone color palettes. If you�re renting a monitor for a graphic designer using Photoshop, consider renting a CRT monitor over an LCD monitor. Your CRE Account Executive can help you decide which is best for you.

Delivery, Setup, and Pickup Nationwide

CRE covers major convention centers, hotels and meeting facilities throughout the US. We also can deliver to your business, large and small. If you need specific makes and models of CRT monitors, we�d be happy to quote you on those. Call CRE today.

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While the cathode ray tube is over 100 years old, new advancements in CRT technology spell a renewed life for this trusted standard.

Samsung has developed a flatter CRT monitor that is less expensive than their LCD counterparts.

The National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative is coordinated by the University of Tennessee and is dedicated to finding solutions to recycling electronics including CRT monitors.