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CRE Rentals is proud to introduce in-depth articles from our Expert Authors and Sales Professionals. It can be difficult to stay current which is why we will focus on technology trends, feature innovative technology for entertainment and/or event industries, provide presentation tips, and much more.

Articles - April Moore

An Interview with App Developer, Jack Cardinal - Part 2

More from April's recent interview with App Developer, Jack Cardinal

An Interview with App Developer, Jack Cardinal

April shares a recent interview with IntoMotion President, Jack Cardinal

The Q & A on Audience Response Systems

April offers some insight into the use of Audience Response Systems

Five Ways to Hold on to Your Conference Attendees

Want to retain your event attendees? Follow these tips from April Moore...

Top 4 Reasons Your Event Needs iPads

April lets you know why iPads are the smart choice to use at your event

Is Bigger Always Better? iPad vs iPad Mini

iPad or iPad Mini? April helps you decide which is the right choice for your event

The Coolest Technology on the Trade Show Floor

April lets you know what technology items may improve your trade show booth experience

Technology Suggestions for Last Minute Events

April offers technology advice for those occasions when event planning time is at a minimum.

The Latest, Greatest Event Technology Trend

April offers her thoughts on current trends regarding the use of technology for events and recommends 4 ways to increase attendee participation at your next event.

Understanding Event WiFi

April addresses common questions and misconceptions regarding event WiFi. She'll also give you her single most important piece of advice for successfully incorporating WiFi into your next event...

Planning a Paperless Event

April discusses the growing trend of Paperless Events, and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of switching to entirely paperless options for meetings, training events, and conventions...

Going Green with Event Technology

April discusses why corporate event planners and corporation seek to make environmentally responsible decisions as well as to save resources for events, meetings and conferences. Find out what April's top tips are for going green with technology...

Increasing Engagement from your Attendees: Audience Response System vs. iPads

Discover if audience response system or iPads are the best way to increase engagement from your attendees at events, conferences or meetings. April Moore, AE & CMP, shares her insights on the pros and cons of both...

Articles - DeDe Mulligan

Pros & Cons of Holding a Meeting around a Holiday Weekend

Have your meeting on a Holiday weekend? Dede helps you decide if that's a good idea

7 Key Uses for Computer Kiosks at Your Next Event or Trade Show

DeDe gives you the basics about kiosks and offers tips on how to utilize them at your events

10 Ways to Turn a Stale Meeting into a Sizzling Event

Does your event need to be "freshened up"? DeDe gives 10 ideas that will help you do just that.

7 Solid Tips to Enhance Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

DeDe offers advice that will help make your next PowerPoint presentation a success

TV Guide Part 4: What You Should Know Before Buying or Renting a TV

Part 4 of our 4 part TV Guide series. DeDe helps you figure out whether buying or renting your next TV is the best option for you.

TV Guide Part 3: Are You Ready for 4K?

Part 3 of our 4 part TV Guide series. DeDe gives you the pros and cons of 4K monitors.

TV Guide Part 2: How Smart is Your TV?

Part 2 of our 4 part TV Guide series. DeDe will help you decide if your next TV should be a "Smart TV".

TV Guide Part 1: The Differences between Plasma, LCD and LED Displays

Part 1 of our 4 part TV Guide series. DeDe helps you decide which of Plasma, LCD or LED technology is likely to fit your viewing needs best.

Tablet or Laptop: What Makes Sense for Your Event Stakeholders

DeDe provides some straight-forward advice regarding whether tablets or laptops are the best choice for your next meeting, conference or event.

Guide to Connectivity: MiFi, LiFi and another Bandwidth Alternative- Part 6

Part 6 of 6-part series on Guide to Connectivity. DeDe examines 3 different wireless network alternatives and helps you determine which solution is best for your next event.

Guide to Connectivity: Creative Ways to Pay for Wi-Fi - Part 5

Part 5 of 6-part series on Guide to Connectivity. Dede offers 8 ideas to keep Wi-Fi costs under control at your next event, meeting or conference, and appear "free" to the event attendee..

Guide to Connectivity: How to be RFP and Contract Smart - Part 4

Part 4 of 6-part series on Guide to Connectivity. DeDe offers some do's and don’ts on a how to be RFP smart and provides questions to consider when putting together a RFP. Plus get four creative ways to negotiate a “win-win” contract...

Guide to Connectivity: Evaluating Wi-Fi Systems - Part 3

Part 3 of 6-part series on Guide to Connectivity. DeDe provides a checklist of questions to ask event participants, presenters, exhibitors and venue regarding WiFi. Discover the workable solution(s) if the venue’s bandwidth is not enough...

Guide to Connectivity: WiFi Terminology - Part 2

Part 2 of 6-part series on Guide to Connectivity. DeDe Mulligan explains the terminology of WiFi and the importance of understanding wifi connectivity for event, conference or meeting planning...

Guide to Connectivity: Cell Data or Wi-Fi? Part 1

Part 1 of 6-part series on meeting room connectivity. DeDe Mulligan explains the difference between cellular data service versus WiFi as it relates to connectivity at your next event, conference or meeting...

Articles - Karen Daniels

How to Make Your Presentations Remarkable

Want to create a great presentation? Karen Daniels tells you how...

The Scoop on Alternatives to PowerPoint - Haiku Deck

Karen Daniels ongoing series of PowerPoint alternatives takes a peak at Haiku Deck

The Scoop on Alternatives to PowerPoint - SLIDES

Our Alternatives to PowerPoint series rolls on with Karen Daniels offering her observations of SLIDES

The Scoop on Alternatives to PowerPoint - PreziPresentation

In her 3rd Alternatives to PowerPoint article Karen Daniels explores Prezi

The Scoop on Alternatives to PowerPoint - emaze

Karen Daniels continues her alternatives to PowerPoint series by checking out emaze

The Scoop on Alternatives to PowerPoint - Introduction

Karen Daniels starts off her alternatives to PowerPoint series with a look at PowToon

8 Ways to Build Your Event Visibility Using LinkedIn

Want to increase your event attendance? Karen Daniels offers tips on utilizing LinkedIn to connect with potential attendees.

Twitter Tips and Talk for Event Success

Karen Daniels gives advice on how to effectively utilize twitter for your next event..

Getting Friendly with Facebook for Your Next Event

Karen Daniels offers tips on effectivly utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool for your next event or conference

Event Planning - A Quick Solution Guide for the Unexpected

Karen Daniels emphasizes the importance of being prepared for the "unexpected" at your event and also provides solutions for dealing with a variety of Event Emergencies

Event Planning Cure for Social Media Blues

You know that you want to utilize social media to enhance your event...but how do you get started? Simply utilize the easy-to-follow guidelines Karen Daniels outlines here to develeop a successful social media plan for your future events...

Event Social Media - The 5 Biggest Do's and Don'ts

One of the key ways to increase event visibility and boost attendee engagement is knowing which social media channels your potential event-goers love to use. To help you put your best social media foot forward, here are five of the biggest do’s and don’ts when planning social media for your next event...

How to Determine if a Venue can Provide Good Event Wi-Fi

Karen Daniels shares the 20 essential questions to ask your venue about Wi-Fi for your next event, conference or meeting...

Articles - Sandra Ballard

The Wild West of WiFi - Part 2: The Cost of WiFi?

Sandra Ballard continues her Wild West of WiFi series with some WiFi pricing observations

The Wild West of WiFi - Part 1: How Much WiFi Does Your Next Event Need?

Sandra Ballard opens our Wild West of WiFi series with some of the "basics" necessary to ensure a great WiFi experience at your event

Articles - Tia Crawford

Ideas that Inspire Creativity at your Event - Part Two

Tia Crawford suggests that you involve the arts if you want creative inspiration at your events

Ideas that Inspire Creativity at your Event - Part One

Looking for creative inspiration at your events? Tia Crawford suggests you just lounge around...

Gamification for Events - Part Two

Tia Crawford offers 6 key benefits of utilizing "gamification" at your next event, meeting or training session

Gamification for Events - Part One

Tia Crawford dives into"gamification" and sees an exciting opportunity to enhance the attendee experience at your next event

Four Ways to Make Your Attendees Feel Like Movie Stars

Tia Crawford helps you create a dynamic attendee experience at your next event.



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