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Our Commitment to "Green"

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CRE Rentals rents computers, laptops, iPads and LCD monitors & displays which is an efficient and effective use of resources.
Recycling, Go Green

You can’t read a newspaper or watch a TV newscast without encountering a raft of environmental issues. The public consciousness about the health of Planet Earth has been raised over the past several decades to the point where serious steps are being taken by governments, corporations and individuals to address these very real concerns. 

Companies of every kind have been quick to jump on the “green bandwagon,” but not all declarations of concern can be taken seriously. Unfortunately, there are firms that see the environmental issue as a way to market their products and services with a new vocabulary, rather than a new commitment to green principles. 

CRE Rentals sees things a little differently; perhaps, because the basis of our business – renting computers, projectors and professional audio/video equipment – is already the efficient and effective use of resources (we reuse technology equipment over and over). If companies have only occasional needs for high-end technology equipment, or need computers for a short-term project, they don’t have to buy these technological tools when they can rent. By renting, companies can eliminate future landfill waste. 

“Sustainability” is another popular buzzword, but again its meaning is clear when one learns how CRE operates. We do not overstock or overbuy. We plan very carefully how to fulfill the needs of a growing customer base and attempt to bring efficiency – and, yes, sustainability – to our own business and to our customers’ businesses.

In addition, we have added more fuel-efficient delivery vehicles to our fleet while retiring older cargo vans.  Within the corporate office, we have -- eliminated all Styrofoam cups, recycle water bottles and aluminum cans, use pdf files (whenever we can), and print paper double-sided to reduce waste.

CRE is committed to corporate responsibility, the reasonable goals of sustainable development and the efficient use of any and every resource, renewable or not. It is no exaggeration to say that we are all in this together, and CRE is fully committed to doing its part to ‘be green’, every day and in every way. To learn more about our products or services, contact us today.

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